Investigative Services


Investigative Highlights:

What started as a $250,000 insider theft resulted in a conviction for the subject and recovery of a twenty-three year old who had been kidnapped by his father ten years prior at the age of thirteen. Mike's investigative work was able to imprison the subject and reunite the mother and son.

Michael was hired after a business burglary netted the subjects $250,000 cash. After working the case virtually nonstop, within 72 hours, Michael's work resulted in the recovery of $178,000 and arrests and convictions for three people. Two of which, Michael personally arrested and returned to Tulsa County after fleeing to other counties within the state.

What started as an insider theft of $1,500 resulted in the recovery of $100,000 and the return of two sea-doos. After conducting behavior assessment interviews on all employees, Michael was able to identify the guilty party. He then negotiated a settlement whereby the guilty subject and her family paid back the $100,000 that was stolen over the course of several years. The client was unaware that there was a much larger problem other than the original $1,500.

Michael was dispatched on a cheating spouse assignment in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He was able to singlehandedly pick up the subject in Atlanta, Georgia, fly with the subject to Montego Bay, and follow the subject for the next week without his knowledge. He then presented the results to the satisfied client.

Finally, Michael's worker's compensation fraud investigations has resulted in felony or perjury convictions for multiple fraudulent claimants. He currently has two assignments at the attorney general's office pending prosecution for fraud.