Security Officers & Training

​Armed & Unarmed Guards
Diamond Security & Investigative Services, LLC. specializes in armed and unarmed officers. We pride ourselves upon the excellent public relation skills that our officers display.
Diamond Security understands that training is one of the most important aspects in having a productive and proactive force of Security Officers. All diamond Security officers are CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) certified.
Diamond realizes that it is imperative to hire, train, manage, and maintain the best-qualified officers.  To that end, we go to great lengths in selecting the right security officer for the right position.

​Our employees will not only attempt to deter crime, their training will mandate that they are public relation representatives for the client and that they are constantly on the look out for unauthorized persons, safety hazards, fire hazards, water leaks, mechanical problems, lights out, areas that need cleaning, etc.
Our training is comprised of:
Hands on training for various building systems and equipment (fire, alarms, etc.)
Training tapes (building security, patrol, controlling aggressive individuals, etc.)
Subject specific experts (bomb threats, severe weather, defensive techniques, etc.)